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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Famous YA Couples Trivia 3

In care you haven't heard.... in honor of Valentine's Day I'm having a weeklong Famous YA Couples Trivia contest.


Every day this week, I'm posting a question about a well-known YA couple. You can answer as many as you want and you don't have to get them right to get a chance to win. It's just for fun.

Question one is here.
Question two is here.

Today's question is from the Hunger Games. Did you ever realize how much time Katniss spends talking and thinking about food? I didn't until I wrote this question.

Name the first thing Katniss eats with Gale, and the first meal she eats with Peeta.

a) With Gale: blackberries, bread, goat cheese and basil
    With Peeta: carrot soup, salad, lamb and mashed potatoes, cheese, fruit and cake

b) With Gale: strawberries and goat's milk
    With Peeta: eggs, ham, fried potatoes, fruit and hot chocolate

c) With Gale: wild onions and dandelion greens
    With Peeta: chicken and oranges in a creamy sauce, green peas and onions, rolls shaped like flowers and a pudding the color of honey

d) With Gale: rabbit and parsnips roasted over a fire
     With Peeta: mushroom soup, bitter greens, roast beef, cheese and sweet blue grapes

Is anyone else hungry?

To submit your entries, please click here.


  1. I love this trivia, it's so fun. What a great question today.

    1. Thanks so much! And thanks to this question, I've been starving all day. Making lunch now....

  2. This one is's been a while since I read THG:) This trivia is really fun though, and a great idea:)

    1. What? You're not rereading in preparation for the movie?
      Just kidding. I would find all these questions hard myself :)

  3. That was a seriously hard question! You're killin' me! LOL! :-)

  4. I have to go back and check the book for this one.. haha hope I remember to enter!

    1. I'm probably going to be accepting entries through the holiday weekend and drawn the winner on Tuesday the 21st. So no rush!!

    2. haha thanks coz I haven't had time to even look! been busy! i'm totally enjoying Catching Fire though! Katniss makes me soooo proud! And Peeta is more adorable than the first book :D

  5. AHHHHH! I don't start my re-read for the read-a-thon until Feb. 23! Oh the details I need to re-learn. :)


    1. I am SO excited for the Hunger Games movie and have a fun giveaway planned for March :)

  6. I love THE HUNGER GAMES, but I seriously will have to guess.

  7. Jen! I'm book tagging you! "Tag! your It!
    At my blog: The Bookshelves!

  8. I can't wait to see the movie!


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