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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Extra Extra 4: Readathons and Daemon mania!

Extra! Extra!

Extra! Extra! is a new-ish weekly post featuring brand new additions to my TBR pile as well as a peek at what's coming up on the blog in the week ahead.
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WHAT'S NEW IN MY TBR PILE?  Nothing!  If you entered Freebie Friday this week, you know that I bought a lot of books recently, but nothing this past week.


You can click on the image and it will take you to the book's Goodreads page in a new window.
I'm getting so fancy with my HTML :) I hope it works -- fingers crossed!

The Unquiet by Jeannine Garsee Princesses of Iowa by M. Molly Backes Dreamless by Joesephine Angelini

The Unquiet by Jeannine Garsee
Princesses of Iowa by M. Bolly Backes
Dreamless (Starcrossed #2) by Josephine Angelini

Code Name Verity by Eizabeth Wein
My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick
One Moment by Kristina McBride

Hearts and flowers to Bloomsbury, Candlewick, HarperTeen, Disney, Penguin and Egmont for letting me have a sneak peek at these titles!

What's coming up on the blog next week? Great stuff!

Monday: I'll announce the winner of the Old Time Photo Booth giveaway. What? You haven't entered? Click that red link just below the banner of my blog. Even if you don't enter you can read my poems.

I'll also tell you about two fun blogger things I'm involved with: #DaemonInvasion and Bout of Books' Readathon

Tuesday: Hot Off the Presses will feature new releases for May 15-21. My wallet and TBR pile will be thankful that this coming week is a little more manageable.

Wednesday: Review! I'm thinking of doing a YA historical round-up: Gilt by Katherine Longshore, Wentworth Hall by Abby Graeme, and Code Verity by Elizabeth Wein.

Thursday: Review! Maybe Insurgent ... or Of Poseidon. 

Friday: It wouldn't be Friday without Freebie Friday!  Come see what's up for grabs :)

Tell me in comments: what's new with you? Or leave me a link to your Sunday post!


  1. I've got "My Life Next Door" on my TBR. That sounds really good. I hope you like it!

    And YAY to #DaemonInvasion! I'm on a team too :-)

    1. Everyone seems to love it so I am very excited!

      #TeamMajorSwoon :)

  2. I got a widget invite for Code Name Verity, but I didn't accept it. I have so many books to read already. I am dying to read Dreamless. I can't wait until May 29th. I have it pre-ordered for my nook. I got The Unquiet from NetGalley. It sounds really good. Can't wait to see all your great posts next week!

    1. I feel like I need to review Starcrossed. I have it from the library, but it was so looooong.

  3. Go read My Life Next Door. I read finished it last night and thought it was so good and now I want to talk to someone about it!

    1. I need to get to my May books, but thankfully the read-a-thon should help me with that.

  4. Yay for the readathon :) I'm so excited for it!

  5. I really want to read My Life Next Door. I still need to read Starcrossed.
    My Stack

  6. YOU are getting so fancy! I love it. Everything on your blog is so convenient. Keep up the good work!

    1. Ha ha -- I just learned how to do that. I'm so proud :)

  7. I can't wait to read My Life Next Door! And also Dreamless! I read One Moment already and loved it! I hope you enjoy! :)
    You can check out what books I got this week here!

    1. I'm excited. So many great books coming out!

  8. You got some awesome books this week! I want to read Dreamless! I hope you enjoy them all. I'm looking forward to seeing you reviews(kinda jealous you've read Of Poseiden)

    Happy reading!

    Our Haul

    1. I haven't read Of Poseidon yet but it's on the tippy, tippy top of my stack and it will be in Freebie Friday very soon!

  9. I want to read My Life Next Door so bad. Sigh. Good luck getting lots of reading done during the readathon, I am so happy that this week cleared up for me so I can participate and hopefully get a ton of reading done!

  10. Yep, all your hard work is paying off Ms. Fancy Pants, it took me right to the book's link:)

    So I am anxious to hear your thoughts on 'Of Poseidon.' The author is coming to my town next month as part of the Fierce Reads Tour and I want to read all the books that are a part of the tour, but I am hesitant because mermaid books aren't really my thing...

    And how are you liking Gilt? A YA Historical Fiction round up would be awesome:)

    Oh, and of course I went and did my weekly post and forgot to add the one book (K. Eagar) I was SO excited about, AGAIN! Guess I'll just add it to next week's list. This is becoming a habit!

  11. I have 3 finals this week that I am not looking forward to. And then starting a new workout routine that I will hopefully stick with.. And then I'm basically free for the summer. Must find a second job or go crazy trying to figure out how to pay my bills.

    Sunday post: Rest for the Wicked Promo

  12. I've seen CODE NAME VERITY around the Internet this past week. A change of pace, which is welcome.


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