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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Freebie Friday 39: ARC Giveaway II

Happy Friday! (Yes, this post went up on Thursday evening. I'm so confused!)

As I said last week, I'm feeling a little behind in my reading and can use your help!  I'll be using some upcoming Freebie Fridays as incentive  -- if I'm putting the ARC up for grabs, I have to read it. 

Congratulations to last week's winner: Leanne G!

This week's giveaway:

Five Summers
by Una LaMarche
To be released by Razorbill
on May 16, 2013

Why have I been putting off reading this one? Because the back cover compares it to Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.  

Okay, that is not the cover I remember, but wow, those covers are similar...Yes, I was well past teenage-dom when I read this book. Yes, I often have issues with books that follow multiple protagonists and aren't thrillers. But I really loved SotTP.  All together now: You must never wash the pants.

The movie was good too. SotTP is one of those books that, when you try to explain it, sound ridiculous:  "So, there's these magical pants? And they fit everyone? And you can't wash them? Stop laughing!"  Then when you read the book, it makes perfect sense on the page. At least that's what I remember.

  Here's the blurb for Five Summers:

The summer we were nine: Emma was branded “Skylar’s friend Emma” by the infamous Adam Loring. The summer we were ten: Maddie realized she was too far into her lies to think about telling the truth. The summer we were eleven : Johanna totally freaked out during her first game of Spin the Bottle.The summer we were twelve : Skylar’s love letters from her boyfriend back home were exciting to all of us—except Skylar.
Our last summer together: Emma and Adam almost kissed. Jo found out Maddie’s secret. Skylar did something unthinkable . . . and whether we knew it then or not, five summers of friendship began to fall apart. Three years after the fateful last night of camp, the four of us are coming back to camp for reunion weekend—and for a second chance. 

To enter to win, just fill out the Rafflecopter. International peeps, you are welcome and encouraged to enter. However, if it will cost more than $10 to mail this ARC to you, then you can choose either:

a) a paperback of Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants  OR

b) a book of their choice from The Book Depository up to $10 USD. (US winners can choose this option too.)

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 Tell me in comments: what book comparison gets you really worried? What book do you hate to see other books compared to? 


  1. I hate how many YA books say for fans of Twilight, just because it's YA. The Hunger Games gets it a lot too. I get it's because they are also movies and they are trying to pique people's interest but still... >.<

    1. I agree that those are the big ones that a lot of books get compared to. Also Harry Potter.

  2. I really liked the first SOTP book as well as the movie but was less excited about the sequels. I got an ARC of Five Summers as well and am looking forward to checking it out!

    1. Completely agree -- I only liked the first book.
      Can't wait to see what we think of Five Summers :)

  3. I hate that every book is the next The Hunger Games or is perfect for fans of Twilight. Funny. I was actually planning on doing a Sunday Symposium post on this exact topic after getting an email from Audible telling me that "Twilight fans should pick this one up" regarding The Program. Really? It's not even the right comparison, I don't think. It should be compared to THG at the very least, but it actually reminds me more of Delirium, though I'd rather not see it compared to anything at all. I have it coming up next, so we'll see...

    Also, I've never read TSotTP, but I do love the movie. :0)

    1. Twilight and the Program? That's odd. Maybe they both have love triangles??

      Can't wait to read your Sunday Symposium post!

  4. I want to read Five Summers! Looks like a perfect beach read. I've seen the Sisterhood movies but never read the books:)

  5. "You must never wash the pants."
    Gosh I loved the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants! Still do! :D

    Like Sara and Jen I feel that WAY too many books are compared to Twilight and The Hunger Games. And usually when I read these books they end up being very un-Twilight like!

    1. I know, right? I haven't read the book in years, and now I want to..

  6. Thank you so much for this awesome giveaway! I'm definitely excited for summer and reading summer-ish books! lol!
    - Farah @Majibookshelf

  7. I hate it when books get are plugged as the next Hunger Games or Twilight...COME ON!!! It's never going to happen.

  8. I think the comparisons almost always set you up for unrealistic expectations. Most of the time I'd probably like the books better without them. :/

    Sabrina @iheartyafiction

  9. I loved the The Sisterhood of the Travelling books where I was younger, I recently bought Sisterhood Everlasting but I still need to read it. I hate when books are compared to Twilight when they're not even remotely similar. I'm also less open to reading a new adult book if they're compared to Beautiful Disaster because I expect there to be some sort of similarity and I associate dysfunctional relationships with Beautiful Disaster which I'm not a fan of.

  10. I hate when they compare books to whatever the most popular series at the time is (Harry Potter/Twilight/Hunger Games, etc.), just because said series is popular and well-loved. Then, you read the book, expecting it to be amazing like HP or whichever, and feel really let down that it is not.

  11. The Fallen series! I didn't get on very well with fallen by lauren kate, and the blurb for 'the sweetest dark' said 'for fans of lauren kate' - made me nervous! Thankfully 'the sweetest dark' was much better though! Hope you have a good weekend!

  12. I've... never read SotTP.... o.O This one looks pretty good though. It sounds a bit like Pretty Little Liars though.

  13. I never got a chance to read this book. Thanks for the giveaway!


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