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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hot Summer Reads Readathon -- Midweek Check-in and Challenge List

We're nearly at the half-way mark of our readathon! How are you doing?  I've read one book and am starting my second.  Patrick has organized some great challenges hosted by readathon participants. Here's the line-up -- you can check out the ones you might have missed!

Monday -- Jennifer at Some Like it Paranormal

Tuesday:  Kristilyn at Reading in Winter - Bookish Opposites Challenge

Wednesday: Dana from Danasquare

Thursday: Kayla from  The Bibliophilic Nerds

Friday: Janina from Synchronized Reading

Here's my report: I've finished reading Earthbound by Aprilynne Pike and am now starting Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea. My goal is to read three books, so I'm a little behind…

Since I'm a host, I'm not entering Kristilyn's giveaway, but I still wanted to do her challenge. So here are my Bookish Opposites for some books out of my TBR pile….

My opposites are Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea and Unearthly.
Devils and Angels…

Here's another possibility with the book I just finished:

Earthbound… and Boundless

Hope your reading is going well. Don't forget that you can get extra entries in my giveaway by cheering others on through blog comments -- and maybe you'll make some new friends :)

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  1. I've finished two books and am almost done with my third. I am hoping to have some time tonight to be a cheerleader for others and to check out the challenges.

    1. I'm traveling, but we've stopped and I have internet so I'm ready to go check out some challenges :)

  2. Ahhh!!!I can't believe I forgot about this. I swear I epicly fail at every readathon I sign up for. LOL And i have soooo many on my tbr too. sigh I'm halfway done with my first book so hopefully I can squeeze 1 or 2 more books in. Wish me luck!

    1. I've only read two so far -- it's not a contest!!

  3. Hop to it Jen! You can read 2 more books easy... it's only Wednesday!

    I've finished 2 books, which is better than I hoped to be at this point (I lost some sleep to The Distance Between Us)!

  4. I've finished two books! Memoirs of A Teenage Amnesiac and The Queen of Kentucky. Both were super cute and had a best friends romance so I loved them. Probably going to read Winter Town next which I think also has a best friends romance.

  5. And my challenge from Monday is still running until the end of the Readathon

  6. I love your opposites!! Especially Earthbound and Boundless -- those are perfect! :)

    I'm doing really good so far ... I'm close to exceeding my goal! Here's my update:

    1. Why thank you -- I had to comb my shelves...

  7. I love your opposites too! I have several angel books and some demon ones, but I didn't want to copy you. You'd think among all my books it would have been easier to find opposites.

    So, I chose my books because they are for review, for book tours, a book club, or have been on my tbr pile for a while and aren't extremely lenthy and I'd really like to read them. :) Here's my linkagain.

  8. I just finished my third book tonight! Real proud of myself! Hope my progress stays this good!

    So cool you're reading Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea! I want to read that so much!

    I love your opposites, by the way. You did a great job!

    Keep up the good work on your readathon! :)

    1. That's great that you read three books! I'm plodding along here...


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