Google+ YA Romantics: YA Angel Book Flowchart

YA Angel Book Flowchart

YA Angel Book Flow Chart -- to make larger, click on the + to the right of the word Scribd, below the chart


  1. Love this post and chart Jen! High five to you! Was it hard to do? Looks complicated, you are a brave girl to take it on:)

    So it looks like Sweet Evil is the angel book for me,and possibly A Temptation of Angels because I love Steampunk!

  2. It seems that I should read Sweet Evil or Embrace... Yeah me, I have Embrace... Loved this, it was fun...

    Jenea @ Books Live Forever

  3. I LOVE your chart! It's no coincidence that I ended up with Sweet Evil.. and I happened to adore that book! LOL!


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