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Bloodlines Trivia

Welcome to Bloodlines Trivia! Here you'll find trivia for Bloodlines and The Golden Lily!

How much do you remember about the first book, Bloodlines?

1. Sydney Sage is assigned by the Alchemists to protect Jill Dragomir. Jill needs to be watched because: 

a) she is being stalked by vampire hunters
b) she got thrown out of St. Vladimir’s
c) she is Lissa’s only living relative
d) she almost killed someone while feeding

2. Sydney tells her new classmates at the Amberwood School that she’s from ____ but she is really from _____. 

a) South Dakota ... Salt Lake City
b) Nebraska .... New York City
c) New Mexico ... Atlantic City
d) Nevada ... Park City

3. Sydney discovers that students at the Amberwood school have been getting tattoos that give them special powers. Sydney traces the tattoos to a place called:

a)    Evermore
b)   Afterlife
c)   Nevermore
d)   Everafter

4. Jill desperately wants Sydney to allow her to do something. Sydney will only allow it if Jill wears a mask. What does Jill want to do?

a)   model in a fashion show
b)   go trick-or-treating
c)   attend a masquerade party with Micah
d)   visit Lissa at court

5. Ms. Terwilliger, a teacher at Amberwood, asks Sydney to make a magic amulet that will do this when a secret phrase is chanted:

a)   give the wearer invisibility
b)   give the wearer invincibility
c)   create a smokescreen
d)   burst into flames

6.  What nickname does Adrian call Jill?

a)    Chill
b)    Jilly
c)    Jellybean
d)    Jailbait

7. When Adrian and Sydney go to check out the tattoo parlor, Adrian distracts the proprietor by telling him that he wants a tattoo of:

a)   a lightning bolt
b)   a skeleton riding a motorcycle
c)   the kanji character for “badass”
d)   the word “Mom” and a heart

8.  Sydney is trying to get Adrian on the straight and narrow. So she is horrified when Adrian tells her he did this right before he was interviewed for a job:

a)    ordered a martini
b)    asked the receptionist on a date
c)    wrote on his application that he needed $1000 to get out of bed before noon
d)    lit up a cigarette in the waiting area


1: c
2: a
3: c
4: a
5: d
6: d
7: b
8: a

Now, how about some Golden Lily trivia?

1. When Sydney stops in at Spencer's Coffee Shop to pick up coffee for Ms. Terwilliger, the new barista shocks her by:

a) putting an extra pump of syrup into her vanilla latte
b) splashing coffee on her perfectly ironed white blouse
c) asking her on a date
d) responding to her joke with a quote in Latin

2. The barista, also the guy Sydney starts dating in the Golden Lily,  is named:

a) Brandon
b) Brayden
c) Brendan
d) Boredom

3. Which of these things does Sydney NOT have a major weakness for:

a) diet Coke
b) cars
c) cigarettes
d) coffee

4. Adrian tells Sydney that her aura is yellow with a hint of:

a) purple
b) indigo
c) scarlet
d) beige

5. What does Syd do to cheer Adrian up after his father tells him he's lazy and worthless?

a) tells him a story about Ancient Greece
b) imitates Dimitri's Russian accent
c) buys them cherry slushies
d) shakes him up a dry martini

6. Sydney's new self defense instructor has:

a) six cats, a Led Zeppelin tattoo, and a hearing aid
b) a pack of Chihuahuas, a Lynrd Skynrd t-shirt, and an eye-patch
c) a parrot on his shoulder, a Jimi Hendrix tattoo, and a cane
d) a pet ferret, a Justin Bieber t-shirt, and a mohawk

7. Sydney wears this to the Halloween Dance:

a) a sleeveless red dress
b) a khaki skirt, a white shirt and a Venetian mask
c) a historically accurate Greek Chiton
d) a witch costume

8. Sydney offers Adrian this to ground and center him

a) a crystal
b) her spare key to Latte
c) a bag of dried herbs
d) her gold cross

9: Adrian brand new Mustang Convertible is this color:

a) Springtime Yellow
b) Lemon Meringue
c) Light Daffodil
d) Goldenrod

10.  What does Brayden call Sydney after she disappears for a few days?

a) flighty
b) a tease
c) irresponsible
d) unreliable

I'll post the answers here later in the week!


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