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Hunger Games Trivia

Hunger Games Movie Giveaway

In celebration of the movie's release, my blogger pal Shanan and I had a trivia contest and giveaway.

If you missed, it here are the questions. They come from the book, not the movie.

1.What was the name of the berries that killed Foxface?
a) nightshade
b) nightlock
c) hemlock
d) oleander

2. When  Katniss takes care of Peeta after he injures his leg during the Games, he asks her to tell him a story about a "perfect day." What does she tell him?
a) the story of the day she got Prim a goat
b) the story of the day she found Buttercup the cat
c) the story of the day Peeta gave her the bread
d) the story of the day her father taught her to use a bow and arrow

3.  How did Katniss and Prim's father die?
a) he died of blood poisoning
b) he was accidentally shot while hunting
c) he died in jail after being arrested for selling tessera in the black market
d) he was killed in a mine explosion

4. How long are the tributes required to stand on their metal circles before the gong sounds and the Games begin?
a) 15 seconds
b) 30 seconds
c) 45 seconds
d) 60 seconds

5. After the gong sounds and the Games begin, the tributes run to grab supplies from the Cornucopia. Which of these items does Katniss grab and then drop after a tussle with another tribute?
a) a water bottle
b) a sheet of plastic
c) a loaf of bread
d) a backpack

6. What is the name of Prim's goat?
a) Mary
b) Lady
c) Mr. Tummus
d) Franny

7. What is the first gift that Katniss receives from a sponsor during the games?
a) a bottle of iodine
b) a bottle of matches
c) a pot of burn medicine
d) a pair of night vision glasses

8. How does Katniss finally get a bow and arrow during the Games?
a) a sponsor sends them to her
b) District 11 sends them to her after she avenges Rue's death
c) Peeta gives them to her
d) she steals them from Glimmer's dead body

9. What is "the Hob" in District 12?
a) the town square
b) the neighborhood where Katniss and her family live
c) a black market set up in an abandoned warehouse
d) the place where past victors of the Hunger Games live

10. What does Rue say is her greatest strength in the Games?
a) she's hard to catch
b) she's good at hiding
c) she's clever and sly
d) people always underestimate her

11. Rue tells Katniss she decided she could trust Katniss....
a) because Katniss shared food with there
b) because Katniss killed a boy from District 8 who was about to kill Rue
c) because Katniss wore a mockingjay pin
d) because Katniss warned Rue before she cut down the tracker jacker nest

12. After Rue's death, what gift does District 11 send to Katniss?
a) a loaf of bread
b) a basket of apples
c) a goat cheese
d) flowers, which Katniss uses to decorate Rue's body

13. What last piece of advice about the Games does Haymitch give Katniss and Peeta?
a) he tells them to make an ally
b) he tells them to stay alive
c) he tells them to do whatever it takes to make sure the audience likes them
d)  he tells them not to trust anyone

14. All these things happen to Cato in Chapter 25. Which of them finally causes his death?
a) Katniss shoots him in the head with an arrow
b) he is attacked by the pack of muttations
c) he falls off the Cornucopia
d) Katniss shoots him in the chest with an arrow

15. In the very last sentence of the book, Katniss says she dreads this:
a) the moment Peeta's family finds out about his prosthetic leg
b) the repercussions from the Capital about their stunt with the berries
c) having to face Gale
d) letting go of Peeta's hand

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