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#ReadaDessen Trivia

That Summer Trivia Quiz -- ANSWERS below

1. Haven's sister Ashley is NOT worried about which one of the following things ruining her wedding to Lewis:
A. Haven growing out of her dress.
B. Whether their cousin Carol will be in the wedding
C. That Lewis' parents don't like her
D. That Sumner will crash the wedding

2. Haven's dad has a new fiancee, Lorna. What is Lorna's job?
A.  Kindergarten teacher
B.  TV Weather forecaster
C.  Marine biologist
D. Clinique salesperson

3. Haven's job at the Lakeview mall is at:
A. Little Feet
B. Yogurt Paradise
C. The Candy Shack
D. Dillard's

4. Haven runs away from her job after she:
A. Gets caught kissing a boy in the storeroom
B.  Shows up late every day for a week
C. Throws something at a customer's head
D. Gets caught giving free merchandise to her friend Casey.

5. Sumner does NOT do which one of these jobs:
A. Mall security guard
B. Dog walker
C. Encylopedia salesman
D. Dance partner at the senior center

That Summer ANSWERS: 1:D  2:B  3:A  4:C  5:B

Someone Like You Trivia Quiz: Answers below!

1. Lakeview, the town where Halley and Scarlett live, has a motto. What is it?
A: Lakeview: One Community Around the Lake
B: Lakeview: Live Where You Play
C: Lakeview: A Community of Friends
D. Lakeview: Gateway to the Lakes

2. In what situation does Macon suggest that Halley use the Jedi Mind Trick?
A: Her school schedule is completely messed up
B: She's turning her homework in late
C: She's missed curfew again
D: She needs a day off from her job at Milton's Market

3. What does Halley's father call the family lawnmower?
A: Old Rusty
B: Chopper
C: The Green Machine
D: The Beast

4. What's the name of the pregnancy book that Scarlett reads throughout the story?
A: You're Pregnant - What Now?
B: The Pregnant Mother's Companion
C: The Expectant Mother
D: Yeah, Baby!

5. Scarlett goes into labor during 
A: Graduation
B: Prom
C: The school musical

D: The SATs

Someone Like You ANSWERS:  1: C  2:A  3:D  4:A  5:B

This Lullaby Trivia Quiz: Answers below!

1. Where does Remy first meet Dexter?
A. In the parking lot of the QuikZip
B. At Bendos
C. In a car dealership
D. At her mother's wedding

2. How many times had Remy's mom been married before she married Don?
A. one
B. two
C. three
D. four

3. What is Dexter's dog's name?
A. Woof
B. Monkey
C. Ringo
D. Bandit

4. Where does Remy work?
A. Joie Salon
B. The QuikZip
C. Flash Camera
D. Mayor's Market

5. What is Remy's #1 rule for passengers in her car?
A. She controls the radio
B. Passengers must wear seatbelts
C. No dogs as passengers in the car
D. No eating in the car

6.  What does Remy do that almost gets the cops called?
A. Punches a guy in a bar
B. Helps Lissa stalk the guy who broke up with her
C. Punches a guy in a bar
D. Underage drinking

7. What food does Dexter find completely disgusting?
A. English muffins
B. Bananas
C. Hot dogs
D. Tangerines

8. What does Remy do that makes Dexter say she loves him?
A. Gives his dog a bath
B. Buys him silverware
C. Gets his electricity turned back on
D. Introduces him to her father

This Lullaby ANSWERS:  1:C   2: C (Remy says) OR D (her mom claims)  3:B  4:A  5:D  6:A  7:A 8:B

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